What does bad mean?

Let's start with the dictionary
  1. Poor; not achieving an acceptable standard; a bad result.
  2. Sinful; wicked; evil;
  3. Vulgar or obscene: bad language.
  4. Disobedient or naughty: bad dog!
  5. Unpleasant, or disturbing: a piece of bad news.
  6. Unfavorable: bad reviews for the play.
  7. Not fresh; rotten or spoiled: bad egg.
  8. Injurious; detrimental: bad habits.
  9. Not working properly; defective: bad reception.
  10. Full of or showing faults or errors: bad spelling.
  11. Having no validity; void: bad cheques.
  12. Being so far behind in payments as to be considered a loss: bad debt.
  13. Severe; intense: a bad flu
  14. Being in poor health or in pain: He felt bad yesterday.
  15. Being in poor condition; diseased: bad hips
  16. Sorry; regretful: She feels bad about how she treated you.